Student Exit Surveys

Student Exit Surveys are completed each year by our grade 12 (year 2) IB students (see additional files section). The DP Coordinator has also received emails  from students and/or parents regarding DP feedback. The feedback has been consistently flattering in regard to the preparation afforded them by the IB program. Here are some example testimonials regarding the IBDP at Horton High School:

  • “The classes were very rewarding to study at depth levels and be challenged in subjects I enjoyed”.
  • “Testing out with French B SL in grade 11 (year 1) IB is a good idea.”
  • “Really thankful the school holds IB mock exams in early March. Although stressful it got me studying sooner and gave me a sense of the stress and testing conditions I would be experiencing  in May much sooner”
  • “CAS Day was fun”
  • “Curriculum was great and I appreciated that the teachers were well prepared with knowledge of exactly what we needed to know…supervision and enforcement of the EE (staggered deadlines) was also helpful to keep on the proper timeline”
  • “I really had great teachers and great friends”.
  • “I learned a lot of things that are not included in academic classes.”
  • “The EE really gave me a chance to become interested in a topic and dive further into it with independent research”
  • “I really enjoyed taking a different language than French”
  • “Teachers were encouraging. Course work was challenging”
  • “Teachers have been very compassionate and understanding to our struggles”
  • “I thought the best part of the IBDP was CAS. I got to do activities which were different from learning and I learned more about life. It made me be involved in things I otherwise may not have been involved in and enjoyed””
  • “The IB Coordinator was very on top with keeping up with IB stuff.”
  • “The EE was the best part of the IBDP. I enjoyed working on a paper of that length, improving my writing and research skills. I felt proud to have produced it at the end.”
  • “Thanks teachers for being amazing!!!…and keeping us somewhat sane.”
  • “I had a lot of fun with my EE and felt like it gave me really great skills for university.”
  • “Excellent teachers, a big reason I stayed after Horton preIB”