Mother of two Horton Grads

Our older daughter is currently a 3rd year biochemistry major, doing great academically, did advanced science, math, physics courses and AP courses in high school…very science/math oriented.

Our younger daughter currently is in her 2nd year majoring in chemistry. She is also doing great academically, but did the IB program in high school…very science/math oriented.

“But what struck me at that time and to this day is that although both sisters are academically inclined, there is a difference between the two. The IB graduate is more in tune of what is happening in the world, politically, environmentally, culturally, and in fact it is quite enjoyable to have discussion (which sometimes turn into opinionated debates) with her but nevertheless very impressive opinions. I find her frequently bringing up to date or better say enlightening her sisters about what’s happening in the world.”
“There is also a financial benefit graduating with an IB diploma, although, they both graduated high school with same average, and got good scholarships, the IB graduate received a better scholarship, and one full year of credits and could graduate at the same time with her older sister.”

“I also should mention that the younger sister was told by some of her peers she would have no time for her social life if she enrolled in IB. What happened was she became an expert at time management which allowed her to enjoy her social life as a normal teenager would and this is now proving to be an asset at university.”
“My advice would be, if you think your child has the capacity to do IB and is a bit uncertain, help them understand the benefits of this program which will serve them long term.”

A mother of two Horton grads