Jessica Shaffelburg

“Going to university as an athlete is a big change. You have to time manage, you’re living with your best friends, have to figure out your own meals, do your own cleaning,etc. IB has helped me with this transition. My IB credits have covered 2 courses that I would have had to take (Chemistry & English), it has allowed me to further understand what is going on in class as I am already familiar with the topics from IB, and it has allowed me to manage my time much more efficiently. With finals coming up here in Florida, it is weird because they last only a week, and I have 4 finals, only 3 being cumulative as opposed to a 3 weeks of exams with IB covering 2 years of cumulative material (a total of 10 or more exams!). I feel very confident heading into finals. I definitely do not regret taking IB and would recommend this program to other students. It has allowed me to have a fun experience at University despite the crazy busy schedule. ) I say it has allowed me to have fun because by being more organized and managing my time more effectively along with knowing the material being covered in class, I am able to relax and spend time with friends when the opportunity arises because I have my work done. I believe being in IB was a reason for why I was nominated for my program of study here, and then awarded the scholarship money I was awarded. IB did help me get a scholarship, but a lot of hard work was also put in to get that. Looking back at IB, I see it as a great accomplishment that hasn’t been anything but positive for me and I will always be proud of what I accomplished. ”

Jessica Shaffelburg, BSc Biology student, Jacksonville Univ., Florida, Horton IB Diploma graduate, Class of 2014